Spread kindness

promo photos 001Patricia Franklin
Author, Educator, Vocalist


The Huffington Post’s Community Kindness featured a blog post written by Galite Breen, author of  Kindness Wins, a simple no-nonsense guide to teaching our kids how to be kind online, which lists 62 ways to spread kindness.  The suggestions listed are easy to do and most can be done with no preparation.  But it also illustrates the decline in personal etiquette current generations exhibit.  Things that used to be taught and considered good manners are no longer intrinsic and automatic.  They now appear on kindness lists, and we must be reconditioned to behave in loving and polite ways.

#35 on the list says, “Clean up after yourself”.  This is something we should all do, right?  How many of us have seen a sign posted in a communal area saying “Your mother does not live here.  Clean up your own mess!”  or  “Your habits are a reflection of you.  Clean up after yourself”.  Maybe you’ve walked into the workroom at your office behind someone that leaves their unwanted papers, pulled out staples, or unwanted paperclips all over the place.  Or you had to clean the table be sitting with your food at a fast food restaurant.

Here are two of my favorites from Ms. Breen’s list:

#10 “When you think that thought — I like her outfit, She’s a good mom, Her Instagram photo was perfect — say it”.  When you think that GOOD thought– say it.  One of my personal goals is take action on some of the thoughts in my head.  I plan to, more often, call, text, or visit people I am thinking about and let them know that they have been on my mind and in my heart.  Don’t keep compliments hidden.  Let them out so they an brighten the lives of the intended as well as those they touch second-handedly (those that are near enough to hear or see, and your compliment also brings a smile to their faces).

#62 “Only say nice words to yourself”.  Fantastic!  Definitely remember this one.  Too often, while concentrating on how we can make the lives of others better, we forget to be kind to ourselves.  We have negative self-talk.  We can be our own worst critic.

Let us be kind to one another.  Happiness…we all desire its presence.