Share your talents

Share your talents as an act of kindness.  Do what you love, and share it with others who will love it too.


You're It photography logoYou’re It Photography is paying it forward one click at a time.  As part of her photography business, Jo offers photography sessions to clients that will in-turn pass the good deed on to someone else.  A person can apply or be nominated to be considered for a “pay it forward” session. Prior to the session, you and the photographer will agree on your “pay it forward” deeds.  For full details and to view some of Jo’s photography go to



barber give homeless man haircut (abc news)According to ABC News, Rudy Ibanez, a Texas barber, began giving free haircuts to the homeless after he was asked for money one day.  He also bought food and clothing for the beggar man that day.  Ibanez now gives free haircuts every Sunday.  Click the links for video and full story by .


Whatever your talent — SHARE IT