2015 Gratitude

December Gratitude

When we don’t act with integrity, we tear away part of our reality and leave an empty spot. Sometimes we might try to fill this spot with a lie, but no matter how beautiful we make it, the lie is made of something that doesn’t really exist. It might seem real, but we know it is only a work of fiction.

I give thanks for the people in my life that have integrity. Those that tell me like it is. Those that are honest enough to tell me when I have created a faux pas. Those that tactfully help me remain whole, sure-footed in reality, and to hold on to my integrity.

November Gratitude

I returned home a couple of hours ago, after volunteering with an organization that feeds the homeless.  We prepared and served lunch to about 200 people.  While sitting at home eating my own lunch, I felt very thankful that I have this home and table and food in my refrigerator that I can easily access any time I choose.  I am also thankful that there are so many people that have a spirit of giving.  I joined this group a year ago, and they faithfully volunteer here every month.  Thank you for their energy, willingness to give their time, and for allowing me to infiltrate.  I plan to do all I can to spread a mindset for kindness and caring.

October Gratitude

Thank you for removing doubt and giving me faith that all situations will result in my favor.  I firmly believe that all things happen for GOOD reason.  Even though I might not understand Your purpose in the moment, I have been able to realize how a seemingly negative was actually a positive and placed me in a better position.  Thank you for that.  

September Gratitude

Change can be a difficult process even when you know that the transformation in your life is a positive one; one that will only make life better.  Habits can be hard to change.  This month, I thank you for conscious and deliberate transformations.  Let me move away from negative influences and hold fast to positive changes, knowing that I am fulfilling my destiny. 

August Gratitude

This month I thank you in advance for helping me with separation:

  • allowing me to separate tasks so that I can focus on one thing at a time, seeing each through to fruition in a timely and proficient manner
  • giving me the strength to handle separation from loved ones; let there be peace in my spirit when I am overtaken by memories of loved ones You have called home and of loved ones that have outgrown their time under my wing; let me remember that this separation is/was for their amelioration
  • giving me the wisdom and endurance to separate myself from negative forces that creep into my life

July Gratitude

This month I will consciously be thankful for time.  Although I will not waste precious time, I will be thankful that its pressures and restrictions won’t overwhelm me.  I will realize my goals extend beyond this moment and into the future.  Today’s goal, once achieved, will live on forever.  Thank you.

June Gratitude

Thank you for giving me something to strive for; a reason to keep my mind and body active.  Let me make a  positive difference in the world and be an inspiration to others. 

May Gratitude

Thank you, thank you for all the possibilities that exist in this vast universe.  Thank you for the will to reach past the mundane, past the expected and the customary. Get excited!  Be inspired!  Don’t be restrained by convention.  Know that your possibilities are endless.  Say it with me, “We are audacious.”

April Gratitude

To have the ability to move is a wondrous thing.  I am thankful for my health and the power of physical movement.  I am also thankful for mental and spiritual movement; movement toward my dreams and my God.  Make sure you are moving in the direction you truly desire, and don’t allow obstacles to stop your movement.  Move over, around, even under or through them if necessary.  Your goals should “move” you into alignment with your passion, your dreams, and your purpose.

 March Gratitude

Thank you for allowing me to dream, for if we don’t first dream, we have nothing of own to follow.  Thank you for the strength and enough bravery to dream BIG.  Someone once said, “Go after your dreams and the universe will open doors for you.”  I believe this to be true.  To you I say, never give up on your dreams.  Dream often.  Dream BIG!  Dream in color and with detail!

February Gratitude 

I am thankful for those that excite my spirit and move me.  They give me vitality and pull me from my lonely idleness.  They nurture and allow me to unleash my creativity.  I wise that I may be this positive force for someone else.  Thank you.

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