5 Tips to help you make it through the 40 Day Challenge

download – 5 Tips to help you make it through the 40 days

1. Plan ahead

Use the planning calendar and guide. Decide what you would like to do for the 40 days. Gather materials and make preparations ahead of time so you are ready to jump into action on the dates you have chosen for each activity.

2. Choose a simple activity and repeat it on a specific day each week

Choose one activity that doesn’t take too much energy, planning, or money and repeat it on the same day of each week. For example, if you stop for coffee on the way to work, each Monday you could also buy a cup for the person behind you in line.

3. Enlist support

Get a few friends to help you. You know the adage, “the more the merrier”.  Working as a team, you keep each other motivated and on track, as well as sharing the work load.

Sign up as an individual or a team.

4. Make it fun

Do what’s enjoyable for you. This should be pleasing for you and the person/people that receive your acts of caring and kindness. Your activity choices should not cause you stress or be overly complicated. Make sure it is something you really want to do; not something you are doing solely to please someone else. Keep it FUN!

5. be flexible

Don’t worry about following your calendar exactly as planned.  Things are bound to come up that interfere with your plans at some time over the 40 day period.  Stormy weather may prevent you from doing an outdoor activity. Perhaps the person you were going to surprise is out of town on the day you had special plans for him/her.  Or an unanticipated opportunity for an act of kindness appears before you.  Go with the flow.  If you can’t do what you have planned for this Tuesday, maybe you can switch it with Wednesday’s activity. Be flexible.