2019 Words for Kindness

Words for Kindness

January Word of the Month

acceptance:  giving favorable reception; open to differences without palpable judgement; the ability to stand outside your usual comfort zone

February Word of the Month

affection: caring for another; showing tenderness and warmth toward others

March Word of the Month

sacrifice: the act of losing or surrendering something for the good or betterment of another

April Word of the Month

praise: to complement; to applaud; to show admiration for

May Word of the Month

compassion: showing concern for the well-being of others

June Word of the Month

forgiveness: to release yourself from negative emotion that can cripple parts of your life; to stop feeling angry or resentful

July Word of the Month

sincerity: truthfulness; genuineness; free of pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy

 August Word of the Month

respect: to treat with high regard; to show appreciation for

September Word of the Month

empathy: the ability to see things from another person’s perspective; to sense another’s feelings

October Word of the Month

encouragement: to offer support or hope to someone; to stimulate the consciousness of another so that they will move or continue to move in a positive direction

November Word of the Month

humility: a lack of false pride or vanity; a modest view of your own importance; not allowing your confidence to turn into

December Word of the Month

generosity: giving more than expected; unselfish and a willing to share