2017 Words for Momentum and Achievement

Words for Momentum and Achievement

December Word of the Month

Conquer:  to win or acquire by effort, personal appeal, etc.; to be victorious

November Word of the  Month

Surmount:  to deal successfully with something difficult; to be or do something to a greater degree; to be on top of

October Word of the Month

Jump:  to move suddenly and quickly in a specified way; to push yourself in an upward direction; to free yourself from that that is holding you down

September Word of the Month

fearless: unshaken by new and/or obstructive things; moving on without fear but not necessarily without caution

August Word of the Month

integrity:  living with decency and moral standards; honesty; trustworthiness

July Word of the Month

focus:  understanding which direction you want to take; concentrated attention on the task at hand; having maximum clarity

June Word of the Month

fortitude:  showing courage even in the face of adversity; perseverance over obstacles

May Word of the Month

persevere: to keep trying regardless of obstacles; to persist; refusal to give-up

April Word of the Month

advance:  to move forward; to change for the better

March Word of the Month

dare:  to be courageous enough to try or do something new; to take a chance

February Word of the Month

destiny:  a predetermined outcome —  It has been said, we are each born with a destiny.  How quickly we reach that destiny depends on the choices we make.

January Word of the Month

choice:  As a noun choice is the act of choosing or selecting.  As an adjective it is something of superior grade.  This is logical; if you have a choice, choose that of superior quality.