2017 Gratitude

December Gratitude

Planning for the company of friends gives me a feeling of extreme gratitude.


It is always a special time for me when I invite   friends over.  I am thankful for them and the role they play in my life.







November Gratitude

October Gratitude

September Gratitude

August Gratitude

July Gratitude

June Gratitude

May Gratitude

Thank You for the strength You’ve given me.  Thank You for the good genes you gave my ancestors, who passed them on until they got to my parents and then to me. Thank You for health.


April Gratitude

Let me never forget to be humble, to say thank you, to thwart arrogance.   

March Gratitude

Thank you for the realization that it is okay to choose to be alone and that being an introvert is not a social or emotional illness.  I do my best work in solitude.  Dare to do what works best for you.

February Gratitude

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been grateful to be in a position where I am free to travel on short notice to be there for family when needed.  Even when life is disrupted by illnesses, there are moments to be grateful for.  This month I have been grateful for the good days, for days that vomiting and diarrhea are lessened, for times that breathing is less labored, for encouraging words, for lengthier hugs, and for not backing into anything while driving by daughter’s bus (actually a Ford Flex).

January Gratitude

slide2A new child is such a blessing.  Thank you for blessing our family with the birth of Baby Alex.  Instantly, without words or actions, simply by being, this new life has brought so much joy.


                    I love you, Alex.