2016 Gratitude

December Gratitude 2016

gratitude-decWhat is enough?  How much is too much?  I have neither poverty nor riches, but all my needs are met and I am able to donate generously to causes.  I have enough and I am thankful! 

November Gratitude 2016

gratitude-novOctober gratitude 2016

20160906_175416I am so grateful for moments of fun and silliness.  Those times you can let your hair down and be in the moment.  The moments you laugh freely without consideration of how you will look to others.  Or what passersby will think of your cackling and belly rolls.

I am thankful for moments where fun is the priority.  Thankful that I can share these moments, even if only for a moment, with those I love.

Make sure you take time for unpressured, unscripted, laughable, silly moments.  It can release the weight of the world.

September gratitude 2016

Mother Nature has been flexing her muscles giving us three hurricanes since the beginning of August: Earl, Gaston, and Hermine and two tropical storms: Fiona and Eight (Eight was actually considered a tropical depression because its winds were just under 39mph).  Sometimes I question “The Plan”, “God’s Plan”.  There was loss of life due to these storms.  Although some would say minimal, and I am thankful for that, even one life lost seems too many.  I must believe all things happen with purpose even if it is hard to recognize.

The rains were needed and much over due.  My plants are showing their appreciation for the refreshing waters.  After the rains, there is a nice breeze and cooler days.  There are opportunities for us to share our kindnesses with those in need after the storms.  Let us all be thankful for what we have, for our family and friends, for all survivors, and for those who graciously aid. 20160529_163300

August gratitude 2016

I believe in and even expect miracles.  I am grateful for miracles big and small.  may fairies sprinkle happiness

July gratitude 2016

Thank you for peace of mind.  Thank you for the faith that gives me peace of mind.  Thank you for miracles witnessed that keeps my faith strong and allows me to have peace of mind even during stormy, unstable times.  Although there are times that worry try to sneak in, but I can honestly say these times are fleeting.  I believe all things happen to lead to a greater good, even those things we, while going through them, can’t imagine could lead to anything positive or healthy.  Peace of mind to each of us.  Push stress aside by believing in the end a greater good will come from your trials. 


June gratitude 2016

Thank you for the time you are giving me with my parents.  My mother turned 84 at the end of May and my father will be 88 next week.  Both are active and living life fully.  They continue to keep their minds and bodies active.  It is such an inspiration to be with them. 

80 is the new 30!

may gratitude 2016

As I watch spring blossom all around me, this month’s Word of the Month is perfect, ahimsa.  Although I appreciate the beauty of nature and the new life that emerges in the spring, I have never really thought deeply about being considerate to ALL life.  Today I’ve spent time acknowledging not only the beauty but the role and benefits of the Earth’s many living organisms.

Bunny at the door 1


With spring comes the renewal of life.  Once thin and depleted foliage again thickens and becomes full.  Animals reproduce and you hear the singing of birds.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain over the past four days; bringing out frogs, slugs, worms, and mushrooms, which I otherwise rarely see in the yard.  Thank you for all of God’s creation, even spiders.

April gratitude 2016

Thank you for the smiles of others. Completing the Caring and Kindness 40 day challenge gave me great joy and helped confirm that no act of kindness is too small.  It all makes an impact on the giver and the receiver, from listening and offering sincere words of encouragement to paying for someone’s library late fees or morning coffee.  I even felt happiness when I wasn’t there to witness my act of kindness being received_ like the day I left coins at kiddie rides located at the play area in the mall.  Handing out flowers at lunch time on a downtown street was especially interesting. Of course, there were “thank you”s but there were also hugs and words of appreciation and gracious gratitude.  Some people even told what they planned to do with the flowers. One man said this was perfect; as it was his mother’s birthday, and he couldn’t afford to get her flowers.  Thank you for putting this challenge before me and helping me carry it through.

March Gratitude 2016

silent gratitude is worthlessI am thankful for my voice and the ability to make known to others how grateful I am.  This is an area I have been working on, and I am growing.  It has been a goal of mine to let friends and family know when I am thinking of them and that I am thankful for them and their part in my life’s journey.  I realize that even though I feel gratitude, it does not bless them unless I share my gratitude openly with them.

February Gratitude 2016

I am very fortunate, and I am very grateful. Thank you to everyone for your part in my journey.

January Gratitude 2016

Thank you for another year. 2015 was good to me. My mother’s leukemia has shown improvements, and she began taking medication via a daily pill; no longer going into the doctor’s office for chemo-therapy treatments. My fourth grandchild was born. I was able to retire in July. I published the second edition of my first children’s book.  Now, I look forward to a fabulous 2016. This will be my best year yet!



Welcome 2016…

I welcome you with open arms and know we will do great things together.  In you, I will share joy and prosperity, tender peace, and create new things. I will spend time on things that matter most. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

May this year give you all the good and positive things you desire.